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It is not the time period that marks Third Order Intelligence, but the degree of internal integration.
These people are not fragmented by the demands and objectification of external conditioning.

Here we have the integrity of Crüe and Amai based in First Order Intelligence, but with abstract abilities.
We see the abstract abilities to imagine and reason as we saw in Cole and Amy, but these beings have obvious integrity. Their imagination and reason are based on the integrity of their experience, not made-up by self-centered stories and external belief systems.

 Coeur and Aimée live with their senses vibrantly connecting to the world around them, without censor or taboo.
Their senses inform their imagination to perceive a clear, fact-based view of the world around them.
They have objective reasoning abilities that only become active when there is an incongruity to resolve - not ever presently controlling their lives.
They respect and consult their feelings as subjective guides, so they can make decisions according to their hearts.
They practice total respect for other beings - just as they wish to be treated with total respect.

Coeur and Aimée are beings who embody the fruit of human existence - with their integrity intact acting as a basis for their relationship with each other, with nature, and with themselves.

Welcome to a brief experience of Third Order Intelligence.
Welcome to the world of Coeur and Aimée.


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