Coeur & Aimée 1


Coeur and Aimée

 A Glance into Third Order Intelligence

       The nature trail was usually deserted in the late afternoon. Aimée loved to bring her book, her dreams, and her blanket. She often brought fresh fruit with her, and a little something for the birds. Aimée was learning that she needed time with herself each day to keep her life in balance.

    “No one has more hours in a day than anyone else,” she remembered her father's voice instructing her, “but people have different priorities in how they use their time. You show respect to a person by respecting their time. You respect your self by respecting your own time.” Aimée was still learning to manage her needs and her time. "My time is all I really have," she mused to the oak shading her, "but that is the same for all of us, isn't it?"

    The Scottish yellow-plaid tartan blanket on which she stretched was a familiar sight in the nature preserve. Aimée closed her eyes and opened her imagination. Her legs felt the breeze lift her skirt, dancing to the rhythm of the Downy woodpecker’s tapping. Aimée’s focus remained with her father. Opening the small linen pouch of birdseed, she wondered how long she would miss him so intensely. Especially she missed the comfort of talking with him – of learning to see the world through his insightful eyes. Aimée let go, laid back, and closed her eyes in self-reflection.


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