Coeur & Aimée 2



    “Excuse me, is this space next to you taken?” interrupted a soft voice. Aimée opened her eyes shifting out of her reverie. She saw a man with a contagious grin standing just to the edge of her blanket. “This space? Taken? Next to me? Here?” she asked, more to herself than to the voice.

    Although less than a minute’s hike from the trail proper, the shading oak under which she lay didn’t have anyone else near it at all – except for this voice. “This entire wilderness area is not taken,” she thoughtfully replied, still wondering how this particular space next to her could possibly be taken.

    “My name is Coeur. I noticed the interesting design of your yellow tartan, and how picturesque you look laying on it. As soon as I saw you I felt I wanted to talk with you. But I don’t want to interrupt! This is awkward for me. I wondered how I might approach you. I thought to myself, if I entered a moderately full movie theater and saw you sitting by yourself – I would be drawn to come sit next to you without hesitation. But if you sat alone in an empty movie theater, I would not sit next to you without asking your permission. May I sit next to you for a time.” 


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