Coeur & Aimée 3



    Coeur’s bright eyes and open smile captured Aimée’s attention. She gave her feelings an opportunity to register their response to this gentle intruder’s request. She scanned for fear or alarm. She found only interest.

    Coeur waited to give Aimée time to assess what she wanted to do. He kneeled down next to her blanket so she would not have to strain looking up at him. Aimée smiled at the image of herself sitting alone in a movie theater. She empathized with Coeur asking to sit next to her. She realized how effectively Coeur had just communicated his point of view and his feelings.

   “Such a sensitive man,” reflected Aimée to herself, “how often I have imagined talking with such a man?” She remembered how she felt during the insightful conversations with her father. “Sensitive is good,” she felt her broadening grin confirm. This perceptive intruder just might embody some of what she valued in a friend. Aimée wanted to find out.


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