Coeur & Aimée 4



   “I’m pleased to meet you Coeur. I am Aimée. Please sit. This is my favorite spot in this entire preserve. I don’t recall seeing you before.”

    “I came here soak up the peacefulness,” began Coeur. “I was admiring the trees and the light. Your blanket caught my eye. It looks familiar to me, but I don’t think I have ever seen one just like it before. Can you tell me about it?”

    As they talked, Coeur’s hands moved gracefully in rhythm with his voice. His animated facial gestures had a mesmerizing effect on Aimée. His natural openness made it easy for Aimée’s imagination to ‘see’ he had facets that suggested depth. She felt intrigued by how it might be to explore each of these glimmerings. Aimée realized she was being drawn to Coeur’s presence. She wanted him to come a bit closer to her. She felt the impulse to draw nearer to the exposed skin on his neck.


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