Coeur & Aimée 5



    Coeur felt very comfortable experiencing his natural self with Aimée. He found he laughed easily. He felt understood by Aimée while using a simple economy of language. Coeur paid close attention as he watched how Aimée’s eyes conveyed a depth of feeling that resonated deeply in his chest, especially when her lips were silent. Those silent lips. Those ruddy silent lips. Those ruddy silent lips that conveyed such openness. This was the quality of connection that Coeur had oftentimes imagined to himself  – Coeur’s interior stirred at feeling this special presence coming from Aimée. He enjoyed his growing attraction.

    Aimée caught the enthusiasm that emanated from Coeur’s self-expression as he shared stories of his life. It felt to Aimée as though she had just discovered a new sense organ with which to take in the world. Aimée was known as an empathetic person among her friends. Emotionally, she connected easily with others – and had longed to meet someone who could give her the same connection that she so readily gave others. She felt Coeur so strongly. Could Coeur share an emotional connection with her as easily as he had shared her tartan blanket?

    Aimée enjoyed Coeur’s sense of humor. She laughed seeing the world through his eyes. She laughed at how when he parodied behaviors he experienced in the world; she knew precisely what he was looking at, and how he felt about it.


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