Coeur & Aimée 6



    Coeur moved forward, closer to Aimée, reaching his fingers alongside her auburn hair to allow a ladybug to crawl onto his index finger. Aimée lurched gently forward at the sudden opportunity to be near Coeur’s neck. Aimée’s brain extended back into a timeframe long forgotten as though she was tracing Coeur’s scent back through his lineage. At that moment Aimée knew.

    Coeur’s finger as well as the ladybug perched there ready to take flight turned invisible to both Coeur and Aimée. Coeur’s keen senses noticed Aimée scanning his neck with her nose. Coeur lingered. Coeur had intentionally taken the direction of the breeze into account when he chose his spot on the blanket. Aimée’s fragrance had filled Coeur’s nose and brain the entire time they had been chatting.

    Aimée’s deliberate pause conveyed to Coeur that the attraction was shared. “This ladybug does not want to leave your presence, Aimée,” I'll return him to the softness of your hair.” Aimée understood Coeur’s message.

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