Coeur & Aimée 7



    “I’m glad you came over and introduced yourself, Coeur,” beamed Aimée. “I hope this tartan talisman is host to our meeting again – soon.” Aimée felt light-headed as she offered her hand to Coeur. “Thank you for letting me share the seat next to you in this empty movie theater Aimée,” smiled Coeur “I’m so glad I didn’t just walk by without speaking with you. I look forward to learning more about you Aimée – when may I see you again?”

    Aimée stretched out onto her Scottish blanket in gleeful satisfaction. This was the day her father had spoken to her about. No wonder he had been in her thoughts earlier. “I’ll be here tomorrow at lunchtime Coeur,” she offered, “would you like to join me for a picnic?”

    Coeur’s heart pounded as though it belonged to a racehorse which just finished in first place. He had never been so effected in meeting someone before. As he began to straighten himself up, his brain began connecting fragmented experiences that he had puzzled over. The mystery behind the recurring dreams of the Scottish tartan blanket flashed before him; the blanket with the same pattern as he was now sitting on with his new friend. Coeur stood up with a new sensibility. “I would love to share a picnic with you tomorrow, Aimée, what can I bring?” His mouth would not let go of the broad smile that had captured his lips - a smile that would live there for a very long time.

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