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You don't need to use your imagination to visit examples of Second Order Intelligence.
This is our mainstream culture - today.

We live in a world of images and image management.
Ours is a world of  judgment - judgment based primarily on appearance.
We learn about our world through judgment and we educate our young by means of judgment.

We live in a world of abstraction, a world where reality is defined by words and images - not by our experience.
Instead of basing our reality on the solid, concrete world of our senses which can touch reality through experience,
we float in an external context manufactured by those who program our reason and our imagination.

We live in a world where our feelings are programmed by 'shoulds' and the stories we tell ourselves.
We inhabit a world cut off from our own experience.
We live in a self-medicated fiction,  lonely and confused, unable to connect with authentic human experience.

Welcome to a brief experience of Second Order Intelligence.
Welcome to the world of Cole and Amy.


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