Cole & Amy 1


A Reflection of Second Order Intelligence

    Cole leaned on the bar for support, waiting impatiently to order a Mojito. Fortunately for him, not all the local younger women had heard of the Mojito. Cole cherished the intoxicating effect of this image of himself introducing ‘chardonnay babes’ to how he almost single-handedly reintroduced this Cuban drink to the neighborhood hotspots. The Mojito line usually worked. Women are so stupid. All he needed now was a “chardonnay babe” and a little luck.

    The combination of champagne and Mojito was serving a second purpose for Cole. His frustration and anger were fading into his inner fog. Cole was dreading being alone. “How can you destroy a perfectly good friendship by getting married?” he asked the bartender, who had not arrived yet. “Marriage is for ugly people; not studs like us,” he explained. Cole looked around, embarrassed at what he had just heard himself say. He felt lonely. He had tried to make relationships work. He remembered seeing the same frustration in his dad.

    Cole looked up and down the bar for the bartender. He hated what was going on inside his chest. Cole considered jumping over the bar to make his own Mojito. “Not as simple as pouring a beer,” he reminded himself. Cole had no clue how to make a Mojito. He wondered if Mojitos were like relationships, "no clue how to make one of those work either," he sighed.

    Cole’s hand grabbed the glass holding the brightly colored plastic swizzle sticks that some bar patrons use as a straw. He remembered an image in a movie where the hero looked cool chewing on a swizzle stick. “They should make these in flavors,” he mused as he placed an emerald green swizzle stick between his back teeth. Cole liked how he felt reenacting the hero in the film. “Mint swizzle sticks would freshen my breath,” he imagined. The image of himself becoming a wealthy man from the patent on flavored swizzle sticks brought a savory grin to his mouth. 


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