Cole & Amy 2


    “Lousy service, you lose your best friend, and where are all the hot babes?” This fresh image of himself being the ‘flavored swizzle stick king’ eased the tightness in his chest, at least a little. “Can I get some service here,” he continued shouting. This was clearly one of the worst days he had felt in a long time. 

    “Come join the reception, Cole. We’re almost ready to cut the cake and it’s your job to make the toast.”

    Cole turned slowly toward the door. Who was this who was reminding him of what he was trying so hard to deny? “Can I help you,” he offered sarcastically, as he strained to recognize who was disturbing his fantasy.  

    “Your name is Cole isn't it? Hi! My name is Amy. Mary asked me to fetch the best man. I don’t think we’ve met before.”

    Cole quickly scrutinized the female intruder. He judged her a “7.” “No point in being picky on a rotten day like this,” he rationalized to himself. “Hey little lady, come on over here for a minute. I want to talk to you. Have you ever had a Mojito?”

    Amy scanned the bar for a mirror. She hadn’t checked her makeup for some time. She hadn’t expected a conversation. Amy slowly inhaled, counted to three, and focused on not looking self-conscious as she gingerly approached the best man. “I guess we have time to talk,” she smiled in a practiced purr. Amy wondered whether it would be too forward to seat herself on the bar stool next to Cole. She decided to wait for him to offer. “What’s a Mojito,” she blushed, suddenly realizing it might have something to do with sex.


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