Cole & Amy 5


    Oh my gosh, the toast, shouted Cole, didnt you come to get me for the cake cutting and the toast Amy? Ill tell you all about the Mojito later. We don't want to make Mike and Mary wait do we? Cmon Amy we better get going. Cole spat the crippled cherry red swizzle stick onto the carpet.

    You know Cole, I just thought of something. Wont a flavored swizzle stick interfere with the taste of the drink? If you put a spearmint flavored swizzle stick into a gin tonic, won't it wreck the taste?

    Cole nudged Amys arm to get her moving. As soon as he saw her move toward door, he stepped back and attempted to ground his chewed-up cherry red plastic swizzle stick into the carpet. He felt his chest tighten again. Time for another Valium. You know I was just kidding about the flavored swizzle sticks dont you Amy? Im not stupid or anything like that you know!

    Of course I knew you were kidding Cole, unless you meant the swizzle sticks came in different alcohol flavors. If you put a gin-flavored swizzle stick into a gin and tonic, it'd be a fun idea.


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