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You are invited to visit in your imagination, ancestors from a time long ago past.
A time when human beings had bodies and brains just like ours.

These human beings lived in a world of sensations and emotions just like we do.
They were just like we are - with a few exceptions.

Although they already had the capacity for abstract language,
their culture was just on the verge of discovering this new function of their evolving brain.
Lacking abstract language they reasoned concretely rather than abstractly.
They made decisions with their emotions - and not yet with their reason.

They lived just on the edge of discovering their imagination,
thus they inhabited a world of physical experience -- of what is,
without the benefit of easily turning what is -- into what might be.

Welcome to a fleeting experience of what First Order Intelligence might have been like.
Welcome to the world of Cre and Amai.


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