Cre & Amai 1


A Glimpse into First Order Intelligence

     Amai paused to fuss with the brightly colored woodpecker feathers that adorned her tightly-matted blond hair.  She loosened her beaver pelt to allow greater freedom for running  full speed. She sniffed to sense the air current. This was the spot to snare her prey, offering herself as bait to set her invisible trap.  Amai felt compelled. She was familiar with impulsiveness - but feeling compelled was new to her. She waited curiously for a sound or a movement - some sign to set the hook deep into her prey.

     An alert from his brain awakened Cre. The whiff of female hormone had traveled from his nose deep inside his head. His limbic system excited and awoke his own sleeping hormones. Cres attention shifted to the sides of his head. His body lay motionless his ears listening silently grasping, reaching to connect sound to scent. Cre heard only silence but the scent in his nostrils promised him there was a female very near.

     Cre uprighted himself and scanned but his eyes did not see what his imagination conjured to be the source of the arousing scent. Cre sniffed four times quickly. There it was again. Cre stuck out his tongue to taste the direction of the wind. His ears discerned a giggle. 

     Spying him stretched alert by the trunk of the oak under which he normally slept,  Amai took flight, running with deliberate tempo, sure she would be chased.

     Cre's feet propelled his muscular body, racing heel to toe toward where the giggle mixed with crackling dried leaves. His neck craned to capture a glance of the form leaving the fresh scent-trail. His ears informed him that his quarry could not be more than a quick sprint away. Cre first caught a glimmer of the familiar color of Amais hair flashing with streaming red feathers, racing through the brush following the deer trail. His eyes relaxed slightly, soothed by the recognition of familiarity. His brow wrinkled, perplexed.

Coeur seeks Aime

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