Cre & Amai 2


    An astute attention was apparent in how she balanced her head. A determination in her gait was evidenced in how she shifted her buttocks.   Amai was deliberately moving toward or away from something. Cre was on Amais heels in no time. His focus began to swirl with intoxication, as his nostrils neared the source of the fragrance exciting him.

    Amai turned her head at the sound of the leaves crunching beneath Cres pouncing feet. Amais lips smiled as she recognized his strong features. She broke into a sprint, provoking Cre to quicken his chase. Cre became even more excited as he accelerated his own pace, determined to overtake her. Amais giggle again escaped from her lips into Cres ears. Cres mouth inflated into an ambitious grin. Both were snared in the wonder of what was suddenly overcoming them. Neither had a clue they were being overcome.

    What Cres eyes saw was very familiar but the messages coming through Cres nostrils put him on alert. Amai had never broadcast this scent before. Cres feet slowed to enable the unsureness of his straining eyes to catch up with the broadening of his grinning jaw. Cres nose was somehow caught in the middle. If only his brain would sort out these mixed messages.

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