Cre & Amai 3


    Amai felt the shift of Cres pace and her instincts cautioned her to slow her stride - just when she had started to quicken it. The clumsiness of her slowdown cautioned Cre even more so much so that he shifted next to Amai to clearly discern who this was he was giving chase to. Amai dropped one of the shells she was carrying and turned to pick it up. To Cres eye, the shell was dropped with sudden deliberation. 

    He felt at once an urge to race up to Amai yet he was still uncertain whom he was chasing. Amai turned her head, opened her mouth, and showed Cre her teeth. Cre felt her smile travel down the back of his neck, making the hair stand up as he realized that his feet had made the decision for him. Cre was quickly again upon Amai. She had frozen in her stance. The proximity allowed him to sniff deeply of her scent and fully experience the arousal that had awakened him from his slumber.

    Cres chest expanded and issued a deep sigh a sigh that signaled to Amai to stop and pay attention. This powerful male whom she had oftentimes followed from a distance was now responding to her. Cres face contorted into a look that she had seen her father give her mother.  Amai felt her heart quicken as she stood motionless. Cre sniffed Amai more deeply. A sniff that was both cautious and excited.

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