Cre & Amai 4


    Amai began to relax. She filled her lungs with a deep breath signifying to Cre that she was somewhat receptive to his presence. Her nostrils confirmed the sage that surrounded her. But what else was filling her nostrils? She felt the drug in Cres sweat affect her equilibrium. Her nostrils had tasted this scent before. But she had never felt the inside of her respond like this before. Images of her mother and grandmother shook her attention. Images of her older sisters wisped through the brush around her. Amai felt something was very different and it started when she first sniffed Cre.

    Startled by her growing intoxication, Amai directed her focus downward toward the path in front of her; more to make time to explore what she was feeling than to reach her destination, and certainly not to depart from Cre.

    Cres attention focused and became fixed. Cre followed Amai closer and closer eventually bumping into her - driven by his growing arousal. Amai experienced her pace quicken. Her body was not accustomed to the advances of a male. These few minutes had filled her with countless unknown sensations and feelings. She was overwhelmed at the newness with which she experienced herself; uncertain what to do; uncertain who she was familiar feelings of fear mixed with intoxicating feelings of losing control.

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