Cre & Amai 5


    Cres nose immediately sensed the shift in Amais body odor. He smelled her fear. He glanced around to detect whatever threat he might protect Amai from. The result of Cres  scan was that Amai had outdistanced herself from his watchful eye. With an electric burst of speed Cre was instantly behind Amai dwarfing her with his form. Amai recognized Cres protective stance and her fear abated.

    Amai had watched many interactions between males and females, both within her tribe and between her tribe and neighboring tribes. She had often watched as a puzzled expression overcame her. What she had seen had never made sense to her. In this moment, Amai realized exactly what she had been observing. The secret was being communicated to her through her feelings.

     Amai was not the first female in heat that Cre had approached. However Amai was the first female that Cre had ever approached who was experiencing her first estrus. The unease of Amai straining to update  herself with these new experiences made no difference to Cre. Cre was only interested now in testing Amais receptiveness. His arousal approached her to negotiate with her receptivity. Had the power of his protective stance and his scent stirred a desire in this woman, who only a month before he had experienced playfully as a young girl?

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