Cre & Amai 6


    Amai felt comforted by Cres protective stance. She passively granted him the proximity that females allowed males at the scent of danger. Slowly both Cre and Amai realized there was no real danger threatening them. The electricity sparked by their  skins brushing lightly against one another blanketed them into a shared mesmerizing alertness.  The glow of their reciprocating smiles began to ignite what the  excitement of  their proximity and scent had kindled. Cre expressed the hormones of hopefulness in a chest resonating sigh, while Amais attention diffused to acknowledge the tingling of her newborn pleasure sensations.

    Cre began scanning for potential rivals as he realized his role as protector might soon be no longer justified. Cre felt the delight of the excitement of proximity and settled into just enjoying being on the path with his newly transformed friend.

    Amai began to slow her pace as she spied others from their tribe. Her habit of running to join her girlfriends for play was held in check by a new sensibility. She imagined herself as her kin and friends surrounding the campfire would see her. Amai exaggerated her unbridled strut as her longish legs pranced proudly, her shoulder now nestled in  Cre's protective embrace.

    Friends and kin from their tribe smiled and nodded in approval at the image of proud overprotective Cre guiding the nubile Amai. Cre, ever hopeful, confident that he might have attracted a mate for himself. Amai, intoxicated by new sensations and feelings, caught up in the excitement of trading her feelings for Cre at a distance  for feelings for Cre up close - very close. And life continued a day at a time, for human beings, sixty thousand years ago in the lower forests of what is now Eastern Europe.

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