Cre & Amai 7


This brief encounter is a glimpse of life and interaction as it might have been lived by our ancestors through an earlier order of intelligence what I call First Order Intelligence.  Although their brains and bodies were just as ours are today, they had not yet evolved the artifacts, tools, technology, and benefits of culture which we enjoy today. 

Lacking our dependence on abstract language these humans communicated directly and concretely, sharing their world of sensations and emotions. They lived in their physical bodies, not in the abstraction of their minds.

The seeds of abstraction were incubating in experiences of imagery which would later become named.  These people lived a simpler life.  Although their lives were limited in culture and void of technology, they were rich in experience and presence. There was a clear integrity in their lives and experiences. 

Their senses and feelings were informed by the concrete sensory world around them not by the abstract opinions, beliefs, judgments, and shoulds dictated by an anonymous media dedicated to controlling their perceptions and judgments. 

Do we today, in our culture dominated by the abstract judgment of what I call Second Order Intelligence, embody a clearer or even similar integrity? Has the integrity demonstrated by our First Order Intelligence ancestors been diluted or even transformed into something else something other than integrity?

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