Cre & Amai 8


How many among us today long for the intensity and fulfillment of experiences which were ordinary in the First Order Intelligence days of Cre and Amai? How many of us experience the world of nature and our natural surroundings with the degree of connectedness that Cre and Amai did?

Rather than our own senses - how many of us are dependent on the input of the mass media to inform our view of the world? Rather than building our emotional sensitivity to enhance our feelings - how many of us self-medicate with drugs, alcohol, nicotine, and other addictions to numb our feelings?

How can we experience integrity and fulfillment when we live in bodies that have forgotten how to connect directly to the sensory world, with feelings that are numbed in order to fit into the expectations of a reason-based society?

Is it possible to experience the intensity, connectedness, integrity, and fulfillment of First Order Intelligence with an abstract intelligence that has been conditioned to be dominated and governed by others rules, instead of empowered to experience the world directly and clearly?

What is Second Order Intelligence like?


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