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Dialog 1 - About Third Order Intelligence

M. – “You have coined the term “Third Order Intelligence.” Is this really a different type or kind of intelligence or is it perhaps a form of therapy or a new belief system?”

Dr. Gui – “That looks like three questions bundled up into one. I call it Third Order Intelligence because it is the third of three levels of intelligence in the evolution of our brain. First Order Intelligence is genetic hard wired intelligence. Second Order Intelligence is culturally programmed intelligence. I see Third Order Intelligence as the next step in our conscious evolution.

Third Order Intelligence offers us freedom from the cultural programming of Second Order Intelligence in the same way that cultural programming offered us freedom from the biological hard wiring of First Order Intelligence. When our species was thriving in First Order Intelligence yet needed to adapt it took generations of genetic alterations guided by natural selection for change to take place.

With Second Order Intelligence a person could be programmed to change within the span of a lifetime and not only once, but as many times as the culture deemed appropriate. With Second Order Intelligence humans gained great freedom from their genetic hard wiring by shifting the seat of behavioral control from the hard wired limbic system to the programmable neo-cortex. While the programming of our neo-cortex by culture gives us freedom from our hard wiring, culture also enslaves us to its views and judgments.

Third Order Intelligence provides us the freedom to see the world through our own eyes instead of the programmed eyes of culture. One will not learn to access Third Order Intelligence via their culture. It is the job of culture to maintain its particular version of Second Order Intelligence. That is why for example, the generations following the Renaissance reverted back to beliefs and programming, losing the freedom and creativity that marked the Renaissance. Unless one has a rebirth, unless one has a personal renaissance, unless one is born again - one remains trapped by an external vantage point.

A clear model for psychological therapy is physical therapy. Just as physical therapy is useful for helping a physical injury to heal to its pre-injury state – psychological therapy is useful for helping an emotional injury heal to its pre-injury state. Except for those people suffering from emotional injury or trauma, most people do not need psychological therapy.  What people do need is to mature. People need to grow up and learn to use their entire brain in an integrated way. People need to learn true integrity. They need to take responsibility for themselves as adults and learn to empower themselves. The world at large will not empower people – that is something people need to do for themselves.

Beliefs are for children – not empowered adults. Children are led to believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny - and then they outgrow these beliefs by replacing them with reality based experience. I don’t advocate holding beliefs. Third Order Intelligence is something that people apply and experience – not something that people believe in. People use Third Order Intelligence to live their lives with clarity, integrity, passion and purpose. There is nothing to believe in – only to experience. Let me say it differently – Third Order Intelligence is not something to believe in; Third Order Intelligence is something to live - to experience and apply.”

M. – “OK – so Third Order Intelligence is not therapy and it is not a system of beliefs – you are saying it is an empowered way of using our brains.”

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