Dialog 1-2


M. – “OK – so Third Order Intelligence is not therapy and it is not a system of beliefs – you are saying it is an empowered way of using our brains.”

G. - “Exactly – Third Order Intelligence is an empowered way of using our brains in a conscious integrated manner.  Third Order Intelligence offers us clear perception and choices not available to those blinded by the hypnotic spell cast by the beliefs of culture - any culture.”

M. – “Does that mean you are opposed to culture?”

G. – “Not at all – enculturation is a necessary step in our conscious evolution. But it is only a step, and not to be confused with maturation.

When it is time for a baby to be weaned of its mother’s breast, we do not say that breast feeding is wrong or bad, or that we are opposed to breast feeding – we simply point out that it is time for baby to learn some new behaviors that will make baby more self-reliant and more independent of its mother.

Enculturation is but a step in our human development – a step toward becoming fully human. While culture frees us from the grip of genetic hard wiring, it also enslaves us to its worldview – a worldview framed by Second Order Intelligence. When a person has learned the tools and skills that culture has to teach - is that the end of the learning process? Or might that be the beginning of self-empowered learning?"

M. – "What is the heart of the difference then between Second and Third Order Intelligence?"

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