Dialog 1-3


M. "What is the heart of the difference then between Second and Third Order Intelligence?"

G. - "Second Order Intelligence trains us in what to experience, what that experience means, what to think of that experience, and what to feel about that experience. Contrast this with Third Order Intelligence which teaches us how to fully experience, how to clearly see meaning through our own eyes, how to think objectively, and how to fully feel our emotions and turn them into self-empowered action.

Second Order Intelligence dictates who and what we are by dictating our roles, what is and is not appropriate, what we should do and what we should not do.

Third Order Intelligence has no shoulds to dictate or define us - it invites us to be fully human through the self-empowerment of using an integrated brain and the intelligence that emerges from using such a brain."

M. - "So Second Order Intelligence is about what to see, imagine, think and feel. Third Order Intelligence is about how to see, imagine, think, and feel?"

G. - "Exactly! It is about 'how' not 'what,' and add to that - in an integrated manner."

M. - "Can you give an example of what you mean by integrated manner?"

G. - "Yes, imagine Second Order Intelligence as the string section of an orchestra with backup from the percussion section. The woodwind and horn sections mostly just get to watch, and only get to play a bit now and again. The leader is the chief violinist. Now contrast this with an orchestra in which the string, percussion, woodwind and horn sections are equally balanced and there is a conductor leading the harmony. This  is Third Order Intelligence, which plays in an integrated manner compared to the string dominated example, which plays in a fragmented manner."

M. - "You mention a conductor in Third Order Intelligence that is not present in Second Order Intelligence."

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