Dialog 1-4


M. - "You mention a conductor in Third Order Intelligence that is not present in Second Order Intelligence."

G. - "Yes - just as abstract consciousness emerges from the concrete neo-cortex of Second Order Intelligence - a more abstract organizing consciousness (the conductor) emerges from integrated full brain functioning. I see the emergence of this new form of consciousness as a next step in our (for the first time) conscious evolution - thus Third Order Intelligence."

M. - "I wonder how many people learning about this will assume that they already possess Third Order Intelligence, but who are really functioning from Second Order Intelligence?"

G. - "Well, a very common response from people who begin to understand Third Order Intelligence is that they appreciate it and think the world needs Third Order Intelligence - but that somehow they are already functioning at Third Order Intelligence."

M. - "So this is an example of what I have heard you say is the difference between "knowing about something", for example knowing about swimming; and actually "knowing something," for example, actually knowing how to swim?"

G. - "Exactly!"


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