Private Practice


Private Practice

I have observed that many forms of "help" are not effective because:

bulletNo matter how much pain and confusion people experience - they often passively resist change or actively refuse change
bulletPeople often direct their focus on their past rather than on learning how to be present - right here, right now
bulletPeople have succumbed to the cultural mindset of being passively fixed rather than learning to proactively empower themselves
bulletBeliefs and defenses permeate people's consciousness - "help me, but do it  in the manner that I want to be helped"
bulletPeople don't recognize the difference between "coping" and "learning"

What a person needs:

bulletThose who suffer from a physiological imbalance or injury, may benefit from the help of a competent medical doctor
bulletThose who have suffered from psycho-injury or psycho-trauma, may benefit from the help of a compassionate psycho-therapist
bulletThose who are confused or in crisis; facing  the problems and decisions that confront them, may benefit from the help of a wise counselor
bulletThose who seek freedom from the restrictions, limitations, and contradictions of their conflicting biological and cultural inheritances may benefit from learning Third Order Intelligence

"The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas,
never returns to its original size." ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Based on over thirty years of experience, I use an educational model rather than a psychotherapy or counselor model.

I observe that most people need to learn:

bulletWhat their hard-wired skills and weaknesses are
bulletWhat their cultural biases and prejudices are
bulletWhat their true needs are
bulletHow to empower themselves
bulletSkills to accomplish their intrapersonal and interpersonal goals
bulletWhat it is like to experience life as a matured being
bulletHow to not identify with their brain's output (the tail wagging the dog)
bulletTrue accountability and integrity as contrasted with the social appearance of accountability and integrity

In learning Third Order Intelligence one learns to meet these needs, how to use their full brain, and how to integrate the full use of their brain.

The result of learning these simple things is freedom from emotional pain (anxiety and depression) and mental anguish (confusion and mystification).

Educate and Empower your Self

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