Educational Services

Dr. Gui

Dr. Gui serves an international community of lifelong learners
who recognize the limitations of fragmented brain use
and who desire to learn to fully use their brains in an integrated manner.

Individual Mentoring

Grow past the fragmented conditioning and programming of a life of coping,
based on beliefs, fears, defensives, and the manipulation of false-ego.
Individual mentoring is available for those who seek to cultivate integrated brain use as a personal empowerment strategy.

Parenting Toward Integrated Intelligence

A parent is not able to teach what they have not learned themselves.
Learn how to give your children the advantage of a fully functional and integrated brain.
Parenting toward integrated intelligence is a family oriented program
for parents who want to learn how to guide their children toward the  integrated use of their brains.

Educating Toward Integrated Intelligence

Educators and schools learn how to place the focus where it belongs -
on empowering students to use their own fully functioning, integrated brain.
Educating toward integrated intelligence is for those
seeking to incorporate Third Order Intelligence sensibilities into their educational environment.

Integrated Intelligence in Organizations

All organizations can benefit from introducing the creative effects of integrated brain use into their cultures.

Organizations that empower their members to act in a proactive, self-responsible manner are better able to serve both the needs of the organization and their organization's customers.

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