The world of Crüe and Amai was based in sensation and emotion without abstraction. There was a directness, integrity, and authenticity to their experience. Although they did not converse, they were able to meet their needs and experience satisfaction and fulfillment in relating to each other, and themselves.

    The world of Coeur and Aimée is also based in the concrete fabric of sensation and emotion. Here abstraction is integrated into this fabric. Their integrity, directness, and authenticity is enhanced by abstraction, not undermined by it. The satisfaction and fulfillment that Coeur and Aimée experience is rooted in the solidity of  their sensation and emotion - not in the airiness of abstraction and social judgment.

    We contrast this with the world of Cole and Amy in which the integrity of their sensations and emotions are sacrificed for external abstractions. The result is that Cole and Amy are mostly disconnected from an authentic experience of themselves, and left with ill-fitting roles to play. They confuse the appearance of integrity for the experience of integration.

    Can Cole and Amy learn to experience themselves and each other with the quality, integrity, and depth that Coeur and Aimée demonstrate and enjoy? What would it take for them to learn to connect with themselves and each other in this way?


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