Parenting toward Integrated Intelligence

As parents, we can not teach our children what we do not know how to do ourselves.

bulletGet help in understanding the specific hard wiring in each of your children's brains
bulletLearn their inherent strengths and weaknesses - and how they are the same and different from their parents and siblings
bulletLearn to develop parenting strategies that empower your children to fully use their brain in an integrated manner

Goal in parenting: to have raised my children so that when they reach independence they will have learned:

bulletwhat their strengths are
bulletwhat their weaknesses are
bulletwhat their needs are
bulletstrategies and skills in meeting their needs
bulleta plan to turn their weaknesses into strengths, and
bullethow to use Third Order Intelligence in their life goals, life planning, relationships, and professional goals

Key Benefits

bulletYou the parent understand exactly what your parenting goals and strategies are.
bulletYour children experience all the lifelong benefits of Third Order Intelligence.
bulletYour children have all the advantages that result from Third Order Intelligence:
bullet"Presence" - being right here; right now - freedom from addictions, compulsions, and mindlessness
bulletConceptual Clarity - freedom from meaninglessness, mystification, and confusion
bulletAnalytical Appropriateness - freedom from beliefs, stories, inappropriate judgments
bulletEmotional Peace - freedom from frozen emotions including anxieties, fears, depressions, and frustrations

Judge of a man by his questions rather than by his answers. ~ Voltaire

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