Cole & Amy

Second Order Intelligence:

bulletOur cultural inheritance
bulletBased on cultural conditioning and training
bulletGoverned by our neo-cortical brain
bulletRooted in abstraction
bulletExperienced through our imagination and our reason as well as our senses and feelings
bulletA fragmented intelligence
bulletA gift from our social order
bulletAll the properly programmed members of specific cultures are fine examples of Second Order Intelligence such as soldiers who obey orders without question, clergy who obey dogma without question, and students who obey teachers without question - and so are most people who judge themselves to be free, but who effectively obey the programming of their culture - see "Tiny brain no obstacle to French civil servant"

What is it like to live guided by Second Order Intelligence compared to FOI?
Cole and Amy
- an example . . .

A sign inside the front door of Holy Cross primary school in north Belfast reads,
"If we'd been born where they were born and taught what they were taught,
we would believe what they believe."

What is Third Order Intelligence like?

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