Role Models

Integration of Genetic and Cultural Intelligences

Throughout our brief human history, women and men have spontaneously integrated their hard wiring and their conditioning – freeing themselves from the bonds and limitations of each – opening themselves to a “direct” experience of the world around them.

The result is always the same. The side-effects of personal freedom are clarity and personal responsibility.

Those living in the realm of opinions/beliefs are confused about what clarity is until speaking with someone who is clear, whereas those who are clear can easily recognize one another, each having laid aside their judgments to discover underlying clarity.
Often times – we avoid personal responsibility, seeking instead the refuge of social responsibility or the immediate gratification of instinctual hard-wiring.

Some of the women and men that have integrated their fragmented selves have left markers – showing the way for others who might seek to see. Have a look and see if you can appreciate their clarity.

Learning best takes place through dialog.
Without active dialog it is a simple matter to confuse
“I understand” with “I assume I understand.”
To many people, these are the same thing.

The only way we can possibly feel confident that we understand a concept, have mastered a skill, or learned how to use a tool –
is through active dialog that provides us clear feedback.
Feedback allows us to self-correct our misperceptions and misjudgments – our misunderstandings.
It is the only way.
Without feedback we have no way of self-correcting.

“The problem with communication … is the illusion that it has been accomplished.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

In the spirit of dialog, interviews are a welcome form of primary feedback.
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