Third Order Intelligence:

  • Individuation and maturation of the Self – our first true intelligence in that it is not hard-wired nor is it programmed.
  • Consciously evolved through self-empowered mindful integration of Second Order Intelligence fragmentation.
  • Based on presence and choice.
  • Governed by awareness that does not identify with the brain’s individual functions.
  • Rooted in integrated awareness.
  • Experienced through a sense of flow and presence that is not identified with brain functions.
  • An integrated intelligence.
  • A self-empowered gift to ourselves.
  • The Renaissance was an era of rebirth that provides many fine examples of men and women, who integrated their brains (demonstrating mastery in both the arts and the sciences). These Renaissance people experienced a freedom and creativity that was soon lost by the cooptation of Second Order Intelligence.

“Man’s main task in life is to give birth to himself, to become what he potentially is.” ~ Erich Fromm

What is it like to live guided by Third Order Intelligence compared to SOI?
Coeur and Aimée – an example . . .

What does Third Order Intelligence free us from?