What is TOI?

First – What is Third Order Intelligence NOT?

Third Order Intelligence is not a:

  • belief system,
  • religion,
  • technique,
  • cult (there is no guru or anyone in charge),
  • instant cure for anything,
  • form of meditation,
  • type of psycho-therapy, or
  • group to belong to.

“Man becomes man only by his intelligence,
but he is man only by his heart.” ~ Henri Frederic Amiel

All intelligence is active in the doing, not passive in the having.

First Order Intelligence examples – the Instinctual Intelligence

It is what you know how to do without having someone teach you –
it is part of your genetic inheritance –
it requires no self-consciousness.

  • Shift into flight/fight mode when startled
  • Swat at and kill the mosquito biting your hand
  • Experience arousal when you connect with someone who attracts you

Second Order Intelligence examples – the Programmed Intelligence

It is what you were trained or conditioned to do –
it is your mechanical mind or cultural conditioning –
self-consciousness is often helpful during training, then the behavior becomes automatic.

  • Stop at red lights when you are driving – go when it turns green
  • Solve math problems accurately
  • Follow the rules of grammar in your local language

Third Order Intelligence examples – the Integrated Intelligence

It is your integrated conscious awareness that has learned not to identify with its fragments –
it provides you the freedom to choose from your own reality tested individual framework –
requires ongoing presence and consciousness.

  • Integrity between what you say and what you do
  • Integrity between your thoughts and your feelings – and your behavior
  • Acting from an integrated sense of self – not the ego

What is Third Order Intelligence?