Parenting toward Integrated Intelligence

As parents, we can not teach our children what we do not know how to do ourselves.

  • Get help in understanding the specific hard wiring in each of your children’s brains
  • Learn their inherent strengths and weaknesses – and how they are the same and different from their parents and siblings
  • Learn to develop parenting strategies that empower your children to fully use their brain in an integrated manner

Goal in parenting: to have raised my children so that when they reach independence they will have learned:

  • what their strengths are
  • what their weaknesses are
  • what their needs are
  • strategies and skills in meeting their needs
  • a plan to turn their weaknesses into strengths, and
  • how to use Third Order Intelligence in their life goals, life planning, relationships, and professional goals

Key Benefits

  • You the parent understand exactly what your parenting goals and strategies are.
  • Your children experience all the lifelong benefits of Third Order Intelligence.
  • Your children have all the advantages that result from Third Order Intelligence:
  • “Presence” – being right here; right now – freedom from addictions, compulsions, and mindlessness
  • Conceptual Clarity – freedom from meaninglessness, mystification, and confusion
  • Analytical Appropriateness – freedom from beliefs, stories, inappropriate judgments
  • Emotional Peace – freedom from frozen emotions including anxieties, fears, depressions, and frustrations

Judge of a man by his questions rather than by his answers. ~ Voltaire

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