What is Third Order Intelligence?

Third Order Intelligence is simply having learned how to use the four input/output functions of our brain in an integrated flowing manner.
The result of learning this integrated brain behavior gives one a freedom from their hard-wired instincts and from their cultural conditioning. Those who have not learned how to do this get caught up in – or get “stuck” in these experiences, mistaking them for their identity. Getting “stuck” means identifying with a part of our fragmented self as though it was the totality of our self. If we never integrate our Self – we are doomed to live out our life in our fragments.
Learning Third Order Intelligence aside from giving us a freedom not otherwise possible, gives us more relaxed stress free bodies, a clear spirit-based or contextual perception, unbiased analytical skills, and grounded emotions capable of motivating us into heartfelt ethical action that emanates from our experience of our integrated self.
Third Order Intelligence empowers us to self-correct in the context of our fully present integrated self.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

Third Order Intelligence:

  • a path of conscious evolution;
  • is an awakening into integrated conscious awareness;
  •  provides experiential freedom from both the hardwiring and programming that presently limit, constrict, and control us;
  • is freedom to build authentic relationships with ourselves, our fellow humans, and the world of nature;
  • is a solution to our present condition of a consciousness fragmented by dogmatism, mystification, and fear;
  • offers the experience of peace, satisfaction, and contentment that demonstrates the true fruit of civilization.

Third Order Intelligence is the conscious integration of the functions of our First and Second Orders of Intelligence

How does Third Order Intelligence compare with First and Second Order Intelligence?